Message from the Dean of Studies

Academics are the core and purpose of any school. All members of the MDIS school collaborate to help our students gain the knowledge and the skills required to be successful in our ever-changing world.

Starting with the Early Years, the Montessori component helps students become curious about the world around them. Instilling a love of learning at a young age is vital. Engaging the students in learning about their classmates from around the world makes each shared story a teachable moment. Diversity and acceptance of others is the norm at MDIS.

Moving through the Elementary School, students are introduced to our host country language, Hindi, and to English, one of the official global language. Teachers engage the whole child with activities based on the IB curriculum, while making connections to our home country India.

Global awareness is “everyday” at Mount Dev International School./p>

At the end of Grade 4 students transition to our Middle School for grades 5-8. Greeting their homeroom teacher each morning starts the day with a smile, a connection, and perhaps a special events message or two. Students travel from class to class, stopping by their lockers to exchange textbooks or supplies, studying the curriculum in Maths, Science, and English. Continuing to follow the curriculum for Social Studies, Information Communication and Technology, Drama, Music, Art, and Physical Education guides our students to become strong, moral, and contributing citizens of our school community and the world community.

Additionally, a graduated approach to learning other languages is a fantastic way to develop a respect for a variety of cultures.

My goals this year are:

  1. To vertically and horizontally align our curriculum to ensure that a consistent programme of study is followed by each student at Mount Dev International School.
  2. To re-introduce standardized testing in Grades 3 to 10.
  3. To define a reasonable textbook adoption cycle and then to initiate this cycle in our ordering of resources for 2023-2024.
  4. To guide our professional development committee in formalizing our policies to ensure a balance and equitable use of resources of meaningful and purposeful professional development practices.
  5. To create a formal, well-researched, user- friendly assessment guide for all grades, including promotion policies.

Courses & Programs

Primary School

CLASS 1st to 4th
The first stage of compulsory education aiming at achieving basic literacy and numeracy amongst the Student, as well as establishing foundations in English, Science, Mathematics and other subjects. We follow the principle of integrated education. Hands on experiences play a major role in nurturing the spirit of exploration and enquiry. Themes in the groups are taken keeping in mind the learning needs of the children. The language curriculum is designed to provide better experiences in listening, speaking, reading, writing comprehending and understanding. We believe in giving something to think about, instead of just homework. Art, music, dance and theatre help children to express themselves in a better way. We provide children with Smart Classes from the Primary level.

Middle School

CLASS 5th to 8th
As children grow, they begin to experience physical, intellectual, and emotional changes. The way they learn, feel, see the world, and relate to other people becomes different from when they were younger. These changes, along with demands from present-day society and peer pressure, create conflicts and tension in the adolescent, which are reflected in their behavior in school and at home. During this stage, learning-by-doing and project based approaches are applied, allowing the child to apply knowledge, experiment, and practice. Through project work, children are encouraged to make fundamental connections with the processes of enquiry. Project presentations will often be put together as exhibitions and models that are shared with different classes because we believe in giving something to think about, instead of just homework.

Senior Level

CLASS 9th to 12th
This stage plays a very important role in the Student life. At M.D.I.S. every subject is taught the way it is best understood. For example the language learning begins with understanding of phonetic sounds, rather than by rote. Science is taught by doing and learning method. Art forms are encouraged, as are sports and co-curricular activities. We inculcate a balanced development in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. We nurture the students with a fine blend of both academic expertise and real life problem-solving abilities. Students are raised to attain a higher level of awareness, understanding and affinity with all living beings. The teachers of M.D.I.S. are deeply committed to the physical, emotional, academic and spiritual welfare of the students. Each child is attended to with diligence.